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The possibility of an interstate cannabis market

The possibility of an interstate cannabis market

By: Riche Garza

The state of Oregon is looking into the legal transportation of marijuana across state lines.

The 2019 harvest proved that Oregon was overproducing cannabis to a point that impacted the sale of outdoor grown marijuana by a 40% price reduction.

The issue is that several states, in which recreational and medical cannabis use is legal, fall short of meeting the demand for cannabis products. Nevada is one of those states with high in tourism but few cannabis farming opportunities, therefore most cannabis growers have to resort to indoor farming and cultivating when dealing with cannabis, but even then the cannabis grown in Nevada is not enough to supply the demand.

Oregon is world famous for their craft beer and wine, the Craft Cannabis Alliance hope to add Oregon grown cannabis to that list of highly sought after agricultural based imports. Farmers claim that this is due to the emerald triangle, a section of southern Oregon and northern California, which provides the best variables for cultivation.

While still illegal at a federal level, people involved in the Oregon cannabis industry are open to the idea of interstate weed commerce. “I think it will help the cannabis industry I think its Oregon again being at the forefront of kind of introducing it to the rest of the nation that we are this beautiful bread basket for cannabis, we have more supply than we know what to do with right now,” Stacy Gilbert bud tender at Green Emerald cannabis dispensary said.

“To be able to open that up for interstate transfer out of Oregon would be a beautiful thing for the industry, but it is my understanding that it will have to take some federal changes to be able to facilitate for that to happen,” Gilbert said.


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