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Sharon’s Cancer Story

Sharon’s Cancer Story

By Sharon Letts

The spider web-like mass found in my right breast the summer of 2012 had me thinking about my mom, the farm she was raised on, DDT, Malathion, Rachel Carson, and Cannabis – in that order.

I saw the configuration while proactively peeking over the shoulder of both the mammogram and ultra-sound technician, who remained awkwardly quiet at my comment, “Looks like a spider web.”

While waiting for the biopsy I decided to do some research and in no time found an image of “Lobular Carcinoma,” depicting a nearly identical spider-web-like mass on the Mayo Clinic’s Web site, a trusted source in medical advice.

This type of cancer begins in the milk-producing glands of the breast, or lobules, affecting 10 to 15 percent of all women in the U.S. It’s a mass, not a lump that could be mistaken as a cyst – as with Ductal Carcinoma, affecting up to 85 percent of women in the U.S.

Pass the Mayo

This information can be found in the Mayo Clinic’s tedious page-by-page listing of incredibly limited information, with the only cause listed as hormone replacements. This sole cause stumped me, since I had only been on hormone replacements for two weeks prior. The views were done as a precautionary measure. My sister – who is 18 months older – was diagnosed with this same type of cancer just two years prior, having never taken hormone replacement.

In my humble opinion, being proactive about health is equal to being able to see past the bullshit of modern day medicine’s smoke screens. Being a Cannabis patient, my bullshit meter runs a bit high.

Lineage of Disease

My mom grew up on a farm in Illinois in the 1920s and 30s just outside of the State Capitol of Springfield. Yes, Springfield – kind of like The Simpson’s – the difference being, my mom told childhood stories of dancing with my aunt and uncle beneath the rain of DDT falling down from crop dusting airplanes high above the waving fields of grain. None of them grew a third eye, all died of cancers.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a handy geographical list what cancers are most prevalent in what areas of the country. For example, if your people hailed from the south, the incidence rate for lung cancer is 86 per 100,000 people. My mother had a 123.6 chance of contracting breast cancer in the mid-west.

The explanations for geographic concentrations of disease are sketchy, mainly blaming socio-economic issues, or lack of access to medical services, but the history of chemical use; dumping and other forms of polluting are also specific to regions.

Poisoned Little Planet

Whistle blowing biologist Rachel Carson discovered the dangers of the widely used pesticide Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane or

DDT in 1939, yet her page-turner “Silent Spring” wasn’t published until 1962.

Already widely used by 1945, the pesticide created by Monsanto and manufactured by DuPont is in the “chlorinated hydrocarbon group,” chosen for its reasonable cost, effectiveness, and versatility in dealing with pests from agriculture, as well as in the prevention of Malaria and Typhus abroad. In other words, it was the seeming lesser of the evils when it came to pest control, and is still used in third world countries today.

An experiment conducted by the U.S.D.A. (Department of Agriculture) Bureau of Entomology in 1945 widely reported the findings of a five-pound per acre solution sprayed over a gypsy moth infested 1,200 acre oak forest near Moscow, Pennsylvania. Quoted as being “terrifyingly effective,” within hours every moth died along with more than 4,000 birds in eight days.

Carson’s tell-all details how pests are killed by the chemical attack on their central nervous system – paralyzing and rendering them defenseless until their immune system fails and each organ stops functioning until they suffocate. Those familiar with illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, or Lou Gehrig’s disease just got a chill.

Other neurological disorders such as epilepsy; all the attention deficit disorders; and the ever widening autistic spectrum – including anxiety, panic attacks, and a bevy of psychiatric nightmares, causing some to grab a semi-automatic and head for the mall, all are said to stem from the toxic environment we as a species created.

Although our bodies must deal with many toxins coming at us from earth, wind, stream and sea, research has shown DDT alone has been found to stay in genetic bloodlines for up to five generations that we know of.

DDT wasn’t pulled from U.S. markets until 1972, with Carson’s tell-all, inspiring both the Clean Air and Water Acts of 1973 and 1974, respectively. Sadly, the damage was done, with more than 1,350,000,000 pounds of the stuff infused into water, soil and food in the U.S. in its 30 year reign.


The Blame Game

My mom was diagnosed with Stage Five Ductal Carcenoma in 1999. She was gone three months later. After reviewing her records, it was found the cancer began in her lungs. Second-hand smoke from tobacco, they said, killed my mom.

In general, the powers that be tell the average American, you took Hormone replacement, therefore you have Lobular Carcinoma; you drank more than three glasses of alcohol a day, had children after 30 (or didn’t have children at all), therefore you have Ductal Carcinoma; you were near second-hand smoke, therefore you have Lung Cancer; you didn’t use sun block, therefore you have Skin Cancer.

The redirecting of blame is enough to make anyone sick. As a Cannabis patient I’m angry enough for the lack of information and research on cannabis and cancer, let alone a vague and bleary window of information in general on why or how I contracted it.

Trading Pot for Prescriptions

Pending the biopsy I began ingesting raw leaves in salad, then blending it in a drink daily, while upping a nightly dose of Nternal Oil, needed for sleep troubles caused by Menopause.

The morning of the biopsy I ingested a tablespoon of homemade cannabis-infused honey tincture, rather than the usual “Valium” needed for my medical procedure phobias.

I was completely relaxed as I lay there, boob lubed. And as the technician rolled the Ultra-Sound’s magic wand around my breast, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if the minimal amount ingested was enough to make that spider-web disappear?”

As I lay there further telling myself, “Too good to be true, not going to happen to me,” the technician informs, “I can’t seem to find it.”

After looking at past and current views, the surgeon said, “We might not do this today.”

To which I informed, “I’ve been ingesting raw Cannabis – that may be the reason,” to which he asks if hecan do that therapy too.

Typical Stoner vs. Enlightened Patient

Why is it that stoner jokes always seem to come into play whether medicine is discussed or not? As if getting high is the end-all, as I lay there with my boob exposed and jelled, facing the big “C.”

But this is my moment to enlighten, and I advise, no, ingesting of raw Cannabis will not get you high, and teased that it may not be the treatment for him, to which he was comically disappointed.

I then ask if he is aware of Cannabis as a treatment for Cancer, and he quickly says no, but continues to tell me that he was part of a Cannabis experiment in medical school in the 1960s that found medicinal value to the plant, such as in treating nausea.

As he tells it, they injected him with a Cannabis serum (heated, no doubt), and he said he became so excited (intoxicated is more like it), he grabbed the ass of the attending nurse.

This admission was met with howls of laughter from the attending staff, but I pressed on.

“That must have been a strong batch,” I say, to more chuckles. I then advise him of the practice of heating Cannabis for psychoactive effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and that CBDs (Cannabinoids) are a natural medicine that works with our bodies, promoting health and healing illness, etc.

Personal Trials

Stumped at the lack of mass, the good doctor wanted to go ahead with the procedure, “… as long as we are all here,” he declared.

I took this as my chance to do a little trial myself and asked if we could postpone the procedure another month while I continue with my own therapy. Thankfully, he agreed.

The month preceding the second scheduled biopsy, I continued to ingest raw cannabis leaf smoothies daily. I also began a treatment of Rick Simpson Oil; otherwise known as “RSO,” originally created by Canadian, Rick Simpson, used the world over to treat cancer and other serious ailments. The dose I was advised to take for treating the most invasive cancers was 60 grams in 90 days, I had five weeks worth.

By the time the second scheduled biopsy came around, the “target point” was gone, with the attending surgeon declaring, “No biopsy needed.”

Due to the lack of biopsy and subsequent diagnosis, the attending ultra-sound technician (also attending during the first scheduled biopsy) wrote it off as a “technical error” on the part of both the initial mammogram technician and the ultra-sound technician prior.

It didn’t matter that I saw the spider web-like mass with my own eyes, because the medical community’s hands are tied when it comes to acknowledging cannabis as a treatment for cancer. As long as our Federal Government has it scheduled with heroin, including it in its miserably failed “War on Drugs,” how can they?

Eternal Remission?

By summer of 2013 a follow-up mammogram and subsequent ultrasound found a small speck of tissue in the same place the suspected lobular carcinoma once resided. Told to “watch it,” I’ll take the proactive green road and continue ingesting oil at night and drinking juice from leaf each day.

My continued ingesting, especially of raw leaf daily, had my doctor sanctioning me doing away with 13 years of prescription meds: Synthroid and Cytomel for Thyroid, and hormone replacement for myriad symptoms from menopause – telling me my body needs this plant for my life, not just preventing cancer and sure death.

Evangelize Cannabis

Until 1942 cannabis was on the U.S. list of medicinal botanicals, and was used in more than 250 remedies.

Knowledge is power. It’s not a matter ofifwe get Cancer; it’s when, and all the sunscreen in the world won’t change the fact that toxins have made a home in our genetic blood lines for generations to come.

Cannabis is not an issue of crime; it’s a matter of education. Do the research yourself and learn the truth, spread the news, and feel better. For until the words come from out of our mouths, the truth will not be heard; and our lives and health of the planet depend on it.

I have fewer answers than the Mayo Clinic’s Web site, but one thing I do know, I have educated choices that go beyond what the powers that be would like us to believe. I have a green village at my finger-tips, and my bowl runneth over.






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