Personal marijuana cultivation permit applications available in city of Clearlake

CLEARLAKE, Calif. – City officials reported that personal marijuana cultivation permit applications are now available in Clearlake.

Under the Personal Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance No. 197-2017, a permit through the city is required to legally cultivate marijuana for personal use outdoors within the city limits.

Permit applications are available at City Hall and are downloadable from the city’s Web site.

Residents have until April 30 to submit the application to City Hall in order to legally cultivate marijuana for personal use.

There also is a $250 registration fee required to help offset the city’s cost to administer the program.

Selling marijuana cultivated for personal use is illegal and commercial cannabis cultivation requires additional state and local permits.

Proposition 64 allows up to six plants to legally be grown inside a residence. Under the city’s ordinance, no more than six plants total are allowed to be grown on a property, whether indoors or outdoors, and a permit is required to cultivate marijuana outdoors for personal use only.

Growing more than six marijuana plants is illegal in the city of Clearlake and citizens who notice more than six plants being grown on a property are encouraged to notify Clearlake Code Enforcement.

“The penalties for not complying with the ordinance are significant, so we hope to work with the community to permit those who want to cultivate legally and crack down on those who do not,” said City Manager Greg Folsom.

For more information regarding the city’s marijuana cultivation ordinance, please see the city’s Web site at


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