There are almost as many public relations people in L.A. as there are actors, musicians and artists. But on both sides, only a few rise to a level of respect and name recognition that can endure for decades. Jennifer Gross is one such PR maven, and her ability to forecast what’s next is part of the reason she has not only survived but thrived in the competitive field.

Gross has long been a champion of marijuana, though not in a professional capacity. Now that cannabis is legal, Gross and partner Julia Axelrod are applying the brand marketing model they’ve been using to get the word out about fashion designers, nightlife promoters, art and events to pot and pot-related products. They’ve launched a new company, HiFi Exchange, and with it a new showroom.

“As we looked at the industry to see where we fit in, it seemed best to do what we do best. [So] we created a showroom in Hollywood where high-end brands can display their products,” Gross explains. “And rather than these random events, they have a more permanent space built out with curated products. Those interested can come to one location and check out the best products in the industry at any time.”


HiFi Exchange Uses Fashion & Lifestyle PR Model to Promote Cannabis and CBD