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Alone by Cyn Balog with Galactic Glue by Western Cultured (Hybrid)

Weed Strain: Galactic Glue by Western Cultured (Hybrid)

I highly recommend playing a Spotify playlist starting with Blue Oyster Cult in the background “Don’t fear the Reaper” to start this scary smoke session. This strain, Galactic Glue, makes me feel peacefully mellow, ready for cozy times, and ready to engross myself in the world of thriller and horror novels.

Book: Alone by Cyn Balog

Light a fire, snuggle up, and get ready for #weedsandreads campfire story time.

It’s all fun and games when you can dismiss a noise or what you assume is not a figure moving out of the corner of your eye – until someone else confirms your deepest fear… that what you see and hear is real, because someone else saw and heard it too.

Meet Seda, a teenager longing to get back to the bustling life of her hometown city, Boston. Seda’s mother inherited an old “Haunted Mansion” tourist hotel attraction from her late Aunt and Uncle. Unfortunately for Seda, the moment her family arrived there, her mother fell in love the estate, which Seda has nicknamed “Bug Manor” after it’s odd appearance. Her mother doesn’t want to sell to any buyers who may intend to demolish place instead of restoring it, thus prolonging their family’s stay at the manor.  Seda is certain that house is not haunted, but she has her own secrets that she believes are deadlier than a supposed haunted house. The biggest of all these fears being the story surrounding her “twin brother” Sawyer.

After an intruder has been confirmed to be inside the house by Seda’s little sister Zoe, everything starts to get a little bit spookier. You soon start asking yourself; Is Seda losing it? Did Sawyer do something bad? Could her little sister Zoe be telling the truth or is she simply playing a game of make believe? Or is it simply that living in this former Haunted Inn Mansion Tourist trap is starting to finally get to Seda?

“The truth is, there are worse things that can happen to a home than a haunting.”

The very picturesque details in this book really help you visualize yourself in this darker version of a Coralinelike world.

This book keeps you guessing, making it hard to put down, which is perfect for stoners whose minds tend to wander or get distracted. This book paired with this cannabis strain helps keep your mind focused on trying to solve the many mysteries that continually pop up in each chapter.

This book guarantees twists and turns that will suck you into a “nothing is what it seems like” world with an ending that is sure to shock you. Enjoy reading my lovelies and pleasant dreams (insert evil cackling laughter here).

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