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All Hail: Lord Jones

All Hail: Lord Jones

With the expansion of the CBD industry is the opportunity for a number of wellness driven brands to emerge. One of the most uniquely curated brands on the cannabis market is Lord Jones. Featured in Allure Magazine, Sephora, and Forbes Magazine, the popular brand focuses on creating high end CBD infused products ranging from tinctures to skincare. One of the companies signature items are their confections which are made by hand in small batches from Ecuadorian dark chocolate. They also offer a selection of old fashioned gum drops and dark chocolate espresso chews that quite popular among consumers and can enthusiast alike.

Lord Jones carries a wonderful, luxurious CBD pain and wellness formula body lotion designed to soothe on contact. All of their wellness products are all natural and have both fragrance free, and signature scent options. Their pain and wellness formula has been carefully crafted by experts in the CBD industry who use five simple products to create their topical solutions. Their CBD based body lotion emerged after one of the co owners of the company discovered it was very half regarding chronic pain caused by ash old ankle injury.

The great thing about Lord Jones and the way the company has branded themselves is the fact that the packaging is appealing to people of all ages. Older consumers who prefer to use CBD for medical purposes are drawn to the company equally as much as trophy wives who use CBD to wind down after a long day of dealing with the kids. Women are also privy to the visuals associated with Lord Jones because they are one of the only cannabis based wellness lines available in Sephora and they have been featured in a number of publications geared towards women readers.

The co-founders of the company, Cindy Copabianco and Robert Resenheck, met in New York before moving to Los Angeles where Lord Jones was born. Both creators had experience in industries that helped prepare them to be successful with their business later down the line. Cindy had a great understand of public relations, and Rob had a good unseating of running a business along with the cannabis industry itself. Both parties wanted to create something that was delicious, high end and most importantly, quality.

Lord Jones is one of the best CBD companies on the market. We urge all of you to try their products and to delve into a unique cannabis experience that offers both luxury and wellness.

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