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Big Hat Farm Bed & Breakfast

Big Hat Farm Bed & Breakfast
Big Hat Farm is a legal cannabis farm operating under the medical cooperative laws of Washington State.

We do not sell cannabis, but offer the experience of living and working on an outdoor cannabis farm through our
Bed & Breakfast or campsite accommodations.
All guests must be over 21.

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fire hole to China

While on the property, guests can join in every aspect of living on a cannabis farm:
Water, prune and care for the plants, help make clones, plant, harvest, even process the buds.

Check out our huge fire pits, marvel at the giant stumps in the forest, or try gold panning in the creek. Our nights are dark dark, making stargazing a favored event. Book early for meteor showers, especially the Perseids in August.

Relax in the contemplation room, looking out over the valley.


Big Hat Farm, on the cutting edge of cannabis tourism, is now taking bookings for our bed & breakfast and campsite accommodations.

Book early for fantastic opening rates on a very exclusive experience. 

Our current B&B rate is $120/night for 2 people,
and camping is $20/night per person.

Email inquiries to


Once-endangered bald eagles
are frequently seen at the farm.


Located in the central Cascades (nestled between Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams), our secluded ten acres of paradise includes two crystal clear streams from underground springs; one featuring several waterfalls and the other a pond made by an actual beaver dam.

beaver pile

 Of course, all tasks are season dependent:
Planting is late April; harvest is mid-August through early October.
No worries, there is always something interesting
to do, learn or see at Big Hat Farm, regardless of season.


 Try our many utensils for smoking, vaping, or dabbing cannabis products.


Get up early and you will likely see deer.
Also raccoons, porcupines, skunks and chipmunks.
Coyotes, cougars and bears are known to be in the area,
but have not been seen on the property.




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